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Rural Driving 

Living in the beautiful North Devon countryside near Barnstaple, it is important to be able to safely negotiate the the twists and turns of the country roads and narrow lanes. Statistics show rural roads can be the most dangerous roads to drive on. Around 66% of people killed on Britain's' roads, are killed on rural roads. Motorways may seem more frightening, but statistics show they are far safer then the seemingly quieter roads of the countryside. 
Many inexperienced drivers take corners too fast, especially on rural roads where the severity of a bend can be hard to judge. You should always reduce your speed as you approach a bend. Remember the bend may hide a horse and rider, a slow-moving vehicle or another hazard. 
If you live in any of the villages in North Devon I will be able to help you gain experience in rural driving, whether you are a new driver or you simply wish to brush up on your skills. The following site gives useful advice on all aspects of driving – click here.  
Call 07818 464513 to book your driving lessons or complete the form on my contact page by clicking here. 
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Rural Driving Lessons North Devon.
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